Don’t settle for a general IT support company that doesn’t understand the needs of the industry you work in!

At BIOS Technologies we service a wide range of Metairie businesses, and we further specialize in service offerings to specific industries. Through both experience and a mandate of tailored, client-specific service, we can help businesses with a variety of focuses to get the most out of their IT systems and increase their productivity.

If you’re looking for IT support services from an experienced provider in the Metairie area that can work with your specific goals in mind, get in touch with BIOS Technologies today at (504) 849-0570 or

BIOS Technologies offers industry specific services in:

  • Accounting Finance is one of most highly regulated industries wherein compliance guidelines are continually updated and require that companies keep up. Whatever concern your particular business has with its IT system, our consultants can provide you with a custom designed solution to help you build your business and operate knowing that your data is safe and secure.
  • Legal It’s well known that IT is an expected part of modern businesses in any field – but for few is it as necessary as the legal industry. BIOS Technologies offers services to help manage your caseload, expedite processes, increase productivity, and ensure that your clients’ sensitive data is always secure.
  • Engineering BIOS Technologies is knowledgeable about engineering software, and we help ensure you understand the tools we provide so you’re always able to produce your best work. With our managed services, you’re able to store large CAD / drawing files, access centralized file storage, work with solutions that help to manage projects and time, and back up large amounts of data whenever needed.
  • Architecture The architectural industry relies heavily on information technology to reduce the complexities of daily operations. Does your IT help you get more work done? If you’re not leveraging IT solutions to improve collaboration and productivity, you’ll lose your competitive edge.
  • Contracting and Construction It’s hard enough to worry about every square inch of the project you’re currently working on. You shouldn’t have to worry about the technology you use as well! Having the right IT support partner on your side will ensure that your important data is protected against any disaster, and that your technology is properly maintained to keep your business productive.

To learn more about what our industry-specific services can do for your Metairie business’ IT systems, contact BIOS Technologies today at (504) 849-0570 or

David Williams

BIOS Technologies’ mission is to deliver superior IT support to the SMB market in the New Orleans Metro Area. We focus on companies that understand the business/security risks of unmanaged technology and want to maximize efficiency and profitability.

David Williams

October 07,2015



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